TJZOIDE is a CAD/CAM software package that drives a 4 axis CNC hotwire foam cutting machine.

The software is organized so that you can draw cross sections of an RC Airplane fuselage utilizing simple shapes such as circles, ellipses, squares, rectangles and lines.  Wings are designed using airfoil shape, wingspan, root cord length, wing tip length and sweep distance among other parameters to design an RC Airplane.   Once the design is done, the CNC Screen of TJZOIDE is used to drive the CNC machine and cut the parts that make up your design.   These are then glued toghether for a complete airframe.

TJZOIDE is intended for rapid prototyping of RC Airplanes.  What used to take weeks, can now be done in a weekend for the most part.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of designing a simple airplane.   More tutorial videos and the software in action cutting a fuselage section for an X29 RC Airplane can be found in the Videos Section of this website.

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